Is MyRight2Vote affiliated with any political party?
Although unapologetically political, MyRight2Vote is not, and will never be, affiliated to any political party.
Does the MyRight2Vote have/allow a membership?
MyRight2Vote website allows Zimbabweans and friends of Zimbabwe to become members
What are the benefits of becoming a MyRight2Vote member?
MyRight2Vote membership affords people access to members events and the ability to influence the organisation through membership communications platforms.
Where does/will MyRight2Vote have on-the-ground presence?
Everywhere where there is a significant presence of Zimbabweans, MyRight2Vote aims to have a ground presence.
What is the organisation doing to galvanise the populace around the world?
MyRight2Vote is working on establishing a physical presence across the globe where Zimbabweans are found in significant numbers along with a ubiquitous online presence.
What will stop the Zimbabwe government from banning or stopping the activities of MyRight2Vote?
MyRight2Vote does not, and shall not, seek approval from political or governmental authority in pursuit of Zimbabweans’ God given right.